Saturday, May 31, 2014

In Which We Discover That Weeding is an Awesome Workout

I spent a couple of hours in the garden late yesterday afternoon and, I gotta say; I am more sore today that I have been after any of my recent workouts. I don't know if that means that my body is getting used to the routine of DVD workouts that I am currently employing in the Battle of the Bulge, or, if it means that gardening is a more strenuous workout. It may be an even divide.

Anyway, the garden is now 99% less weedy and my thighs and hamstrings are 100% more tender and sore. I guess that qualifies as a good day in the garden.

In addition to pulling the weeds, I also replanted the green beans since the last planting resulted in two sad little bean sprouts, despite the use of two full packets of seeds. I also replanted the lettuce since it doesn't appear to have germinated well, either.

Of course, the sunflowers and pumpkin are doing fantastically well, but, man cannot live on pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin scones, alone; even with the addition of a sprinkling of sunflower seeds (although, the Man-Cub assures me that yes, yes, he can). So, fingers crossed for the carrots, beets, cucumbers, peppers, squashes, tomatoes, and zucchini to keep doing as well as possible.

In news not related to my mad gardening skillz, The Teenager is on a road trip with Not The Boyfriend and his family. They are planning to hike Hanging Lake later this afternoon and I have never seen The Teenager so excited about physical activity. I give her halfway up the trail before the glow fades and despair sets in. On the bright side, if she makes it to the lake, there is hope that the rest of us can do it and, we may plan a Labor Day trip to do just that.

Currently, in my household, the Man-Cub and Hugh are sleeping, the cats are chasing each other around like wild animals (which, they are), Rowdie is lounging in the sun on one of my good lounge chairs (damn dog), and, I am thinking of joining him.

We have a double-header baseball afternoon scheduled for later, but, for right now, I am enjoying my morning coffee on the front porch, and, it really doesn't get much better than that.

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