Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back In the Swing

With all the graduation craziness behind us, I am able to focus more on my second child, you remember him? The Man-Cub? Right, him. Yeah, it's his turn for a little attention and he rightly deserves it considering the fact that I actually forgot him at The Teenager's pre-grad party when I packed up the car and headed for home at the end of the day last Saturday.

You heard me.

I packed the car, got in the car, and left my child behind.

Luckily, his sister was still at the party and was willing and able to drive him home, but, still.

Parent of the year.

But, lets not dwell on my inadequacies; let's talk about how the Cub changed his mind, not only about playing summer ball, but about pitching as his chosen position. Because, he is now doing both: playing and pitching.

I am loathe to think about spending every Saturday of the summer at double-header baseball games, but, I'm proud of the Cub for braving his fears about not being good enough to pitch in order to actually learn how to do it properly. His self-confidence can only improve along with his skills.

And, it's not like I'm not already a pro at manning the concession stand.

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