Sunday, March 15, 2015

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

It occurred to me today that, once I get back from Paris, I will have only a few days to prepare for Easter. I already have the house decorated, so, that won't be an issue, but, if I intend to deliver on the promise of the Easter Bunny, then I had better get a move on.

So, I dusted off the Easter baskets and organized my supply of faux grass and plastic eggs. I purchased a few bags of candy and some additional treats and stashed them in the guest room. I need to check with The Teenager to see if she is planning on making the trip home for the holiday, and; if that isn't something that she wants to do so soon after spring break, then I will put her items in an appropriately decorated care package, rather than in a basket.

I know it seems silly to still be playing the part of the bunny to children who are nineteen and sixteen, but, they are still my babies, and I'll be the bunny for them until the day I die. That's just one of the responsibilities that I took on when I decided to become a mom, and; I take my responsibilities seriously.

(And, I like candy. Not gonna lie)

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