Sunday, March 29, 2015

Paris: Day Five

A more appropriate title for today's post would be Rain in Versailles.

We knew the forecast called for rain but were not expecting the chill; as a result, the wait in the rather long, serpentine, line to the Chateaux de Versailles was less than comfortable. 

The beauty of the palace made up for the misery of the wait, but then the tour through the rooms was sullied by tourists acting badly; we were pushed and shoved and elbowed without mercy. 

By the time we had seen our fill of the royal artwork, we were tired, aching, and a little out of sorts, so; we decided to grab lunch and a cappuccino and to head back to the hotel to book massages for later this evening. 

Right now, we are relaxing in our room with what is left from yesterday's bottle of wine while we debate the merits of the restaurants located nearby for dinner prior to the massages. 

Personally, I would be fine with another baguette and some more fresh cheese from the fromagery down the street. 

This is what I will remember the most from Paris. 

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