Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Paris: Day Seven

Aurevoir, Paris!

Our trip has come to an end. We boarded our flight at 10:30, Paris time. Unfortunately, the flight was an hour late leaving and we were consequently late for our connection from  Minneapolis to Denver. 

Right now, we are sitting in a cafe in the airport, waiting to board our new flight. We are beyond exhausted; my older sister and Mom were able to sleep on the nine hour flight but Barbie and I were awake the entire trip. 

I do believe I will sleep well tonight, which may help to reset my internal clock and will get me back on a normal routine. 

Or, I won't be able to sleep and will be miserable for my 7:00 am flight back to Neighboring City, where Hugh will pick me up for the forty-five minute drive home to Petticoat Junction. 

I have enjoyed every minute of this trip but, I must admit, I am ready to be home. 

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