Friday, March 27, 2015

Paris: Day Three

Today has been jam-packed with sight-seeing and merriment, which, considering our late night at The Moulin Rouge, is quite an acomplishment.

Our first stop of the day was The Louvre, where Barbie finally got to see The Mona Lisa and where I spent thirty minutes in line, praying that one of the resident pigeons wouldn't take a crap on my head as they flew over. 

Next, we toured the city by open-air taxi before stopping at the Pon des Arts bridge, where we purchased a lock for Mom to leave as a token of her and Dad's lifetime of love. 

After lunch and some souvenir shopping, we caught a taxi back to the hotel where we planned to relax until dinner. Little did we know that, in addition to relaxing, we would all be nursing a slight case of whiplash, thanks to the rear-ending our taxi took from another taxi. 

This trip has been anything but uneventful. 

I will post longer, more detailed, accounts of our adventures when I return home. The stories really are too good not to share. 

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