Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Things I AM Liking Right Now

-It's March!!: The official start of spring, as far as I am concerned (As far as Mother Nature is concerned? Yeah, not so much).

-Spring decorations: Since I didn't even wait until February's last dying gasp before pulling out my spring decorations; I have been enjoying the soothing sight of pastel colored Easter eggs, creamy white bunnies, and lush, green grass.

-Baseball: The Cub started indoor practice last week and the boys finally got to move out to the field yesterday. The first game is scheduled for this weekend and we are just waiting to see if the Cub will get pulled up to Varsity or whether he will stay with the JV. Either way, games will commence soon and I am ready for a change of scenery from the gymnasium (Not that I didn't love watching him play basketball, but, come on, fresh air!).

-Semi-Permanent hair glaze: My issues with my hair drove me to the local beauty supply store where the sweet clerk suggested a clear gloss that will gradually rinse out of my hair before my next appointment with my colorist. The gloss made my hair look shiny, feel soft, and, the color, while not changed, seems to be enhanced. Win, win.

-Work: I'm engaging with a new family and the excitement of getting to know them has breathed some fresh air into Day Job.

-OPI in Altar Ego: I'm wearing polish on my fingernails for the first time in ages. Usually, I shy away from manicures because my nails always seem to break as soon as I apply polish, and, that might happen again. Before it does, however, I am really digging this iridescent shade of clear pink (Great description, I know. This is why I don't work for OPI).

Disclaimer: Not my photo, not my fingers

-Skinny Girl Sparkling Water: I fell off the wagon when it came to not drinking Diet Pepsi and, I immediately regretted it. The soda left me feeling bloated and uncomfortable, and, it tasted wrong. It was way too sweet (Progress?), so; I am back on the bench. Fortunately, this flavored water has just enough fizz in it to satisfy my craving for the bubbly without causing bloating and discomfort plus it has a subtle touch of sweetness that doesn't coat my tongue with an artificial-tasting film. My favorite flavors are the pineapple coconut and the strawberry lemonade but the mango is growing on me (Which, is a surprise since I detest mangos).

Longer days: Daylight Savings time begins this weekend, and, while I know it will take my body a hot minute to get used to the lost hour of sleep ; I am really looking forward to the increase in daylight hours. My mind and body crave the sunlight.

And, that about covers it. I am ready to grab a Skinny Girl and head outside to a baseball game, in the sunshine, where my perfectly manicured hands and shiny tresses will blind the competition. Welcome to spring!

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