Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Paging MENSA

Earlier today, I ran through the drive-through window of the A&W for a small order of cheese curds. PMS is having its' wicked way with me and I was craving chocolate like it was my job. Since I am staying true to my Lenten vows, I fought the urge to stop at the dollar store for a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs to strap on my face feedbag-style and, instead, allowed myself the indulgence of the fried chunks of cheese.

Have you ever heard of the meat sweats? I had, but, I didn't think they were a real thing (kind of like ice cream headaches , which, I've heard of but never experienced). Then, halfway between Hooterville and Petticoat Junction, and, three-quarters of the way through my small order of cheese curds; I got the most god-awful sweats and general over-heating that I had ever experienced.

I thought for sure that I was having the cheese version of meat sweats, I mean, that could be the only explanation.

Then, I realized that I had accidentally hit the button on the seat warmer.


I am a genius, hear me roar.

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