Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Life Lately

I haven't had a chance to write lately because the Man-Cub's baseball schedule is kicking my ass. Ok, that's not entirely accurate; my ass is being kicked by the addition of the Man-Cub's baseball schedule to my already busy life.

Oh, and Daylight Savings Time, that shit messes with me, too.

Anyhoodle, I think I have a handle on all of the things that I need to do this week and next, prior to leaving on my trip abroad (that sounds so...continental. And, kind of pompous; remind me not to do that again), including tackling the chores involved in squaring away my duties at work, and, ordering euros so that I have some appropriate spending money while in Paris (so as not to look like a stupid American (I'm sure there are a million other ways that I will accomplish that feat)).

I plan to do my packing next Sunday, before The Teenager leaves for her return to school following her spring break, so that she can offer me her particular brand of fashion advice, and; I've located and purchased a selfie stick with which to ensure that my mother, sister, and I will all be present and accounted for in photos before the Eiffel Tower.

Priorities: I haz 'em.

Speaking of priorities, today I wrote a letter to the school, opting the Cub out of this week's PARCC testing. This is the first time that I have felt a need to opt one of my children out of the standardized testing process and I did it after much consideration and research. I feel good about the decision. Oh, not as good as the Cub, who will get to sleep in for the next two days, but, good, nonetheless.

The Cub will have to attend at least two periods of class on each day in order to remain eligible to practice baseball so that he can play in the double-header on Saturday, but, two hours a day beats sitting in front of a computer for six hours, taking a test that has absolutely no bearing on his academic record or instruction. At least, that's how I see it.

The Cub? Well, he just wants to sleep in and play baseball. Because, of course he does.

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