Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bad Moms: A Review

Just kidding, I don't do movie reviews, but, if I did; I would have to give the film two solid thumbs up. I went to see it this evening with four of my favorite Booster Club moms, following a dinner meeting that consisted of a little bit of club business and a lot of catching up.

The movie won't win any awards, but, it won the hearts of the women in the packed theater, if the applause following the end credits was any indication. And, I say "women" because, while the theater was packed, we counted only six men among the audience. I hope they enjoyed it.

Anyway, it was a really pleasant way to spend one of the last nights of the summer,and, it was a movie that was on my Summer Bucket List, so, I really feel like I was a winner all the way around.

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