Saturday, August 13, 2016

Well, That was a Night of Our Lives That We'll Never Get Back

Last night, Hugh, Chris, and Jana and I went out for dinner and a movie. he plan had been to see the new Jason Bourne flick, but, while waiting in line to buy tickets, we saw the poster for Sausage Party and I mentioned that the trailer for it-which I had seen while waiting to watch Bad Moms a couple of nights before-looked hilarious (and, in my defense, it really did, those people making those trailers know how to polish a turd, I assure you), so, Hugh and Chris decided to flip a coin, heads, Sausage Party, and, tails, Jason Bourne.

Heads won, which meant we all lost because we found ourselves in the theater, surrounded by kids we all agreed were in no way, shape, or form, 17 or older (way to go with the monitoring of the R rating, theater personnel!), watching what amounted to animated porn. Really, really bad animated porn featuring common grocery items.

Why we didn't just get up and leave, I will never know (we probably didn't want to seem like giant squares to the toddlers crammed into the room). It was truly awful. That didn't keep Jana and I from laughing hysterically at just how bad it was, or, at the situation in general, because of course we did; you've met us, right?

Anyway, after the movie, Hugh decided that we needed to rejoin the original plan, if only to purge the image of the food orgy from our mind's eyes, which, was how we found ourselves back in the theater, watching Jason Bourne.

It was a long night for us old folk, but, despite the ninety minutes of horror, it turned out pretty darn well. We got to see Chris and Jana, after all, and, the dinner at Applebees was fairly delicious, so, all things considered, not a total waste, despite the title of this post.

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