Monday, August 01, 2016

Summer is Almost Over, Ask Me How I Know

A.  Stampede weekend has come and gone, always a sure harbinger of shorter, colder days to come.

B.  The tomatoes are finally staring to ripen in my garden. Today, I picked several handfuls of Yellow Pear tomatoes and a couple of decent sized Romas. I also picked a small handful of Brussels sprouts, although, it will still be a bit before the majority of them have developed enough to harvest.

C.  My compost bin is almost ready to be turned out into the garden, to fertilize the longer growing vegetables, like those Brussels sprouts. When I gave the bin a turn today, I discovered a live wasp's nest tucked into one of the grooves in the bin; my discovery occurred when one of the little assholes stung me, unfortunately. Now, for the most part I have adopted a live and let live mentality in regard to the majority of critters in the garden, including the wasps, today; not so much. I nuked that nest with spray and cheered while the assholes died. I hope it didn't screw up my karma too much.

D.  Registration for the Man-Cub's Senior year takes place this week. While he has already been registered online, we still have to go to the school to confirm his schedule, get his locker assignment, and to pay our fees. School starts for the Cub on the 16th, when he reports for duty as a LinkCrew member, to help with orienting the incoming Freshmen. Classes then start on the 17th, with the annual Football/Volleyball car wash fundraiser on the 20th.

E.  Pumpkins, fall leaf garlands, and other Autumn themed decorations already line the store shelves and bikinis, beach towels, and sunscreen are marked down 70% in the clearance section of the Hellmouth.

F.  I already purchased my first Halloween items to add to my décor. I might have a problem.

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  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Last year we had two yellow jacket nests that were in the ground a wee bit too close to either the driveway or the front walk. Nuked 'em to kingdom come Raid, sevin - what ever I had in the shed. Never got stung.

    Also had a Baldfaced hornet nest in a crab apple tree. Size of a basketball. I was nice and maneuvered around it while mowing (push mower no less). After 3 or 4 weeks of working around the nest, one of the little bastards stung me right above my right eye. Since I was outnumbered about 361,495 to one, I let it go at the time. But last winter when the nest was really good and dormant, I cut it out of the tree and opened it up like a science experiment. There were no survivors.

    Moral of the story? If you have wasps or hornets in an inconvenient place, nuke the bastards. Being nice will only get you stung. (I do let honey bees, bumble bees and non-threatening wasps, etc, go. Pollination ya know)