Thursday, August 04, 2016

The First of the Lasts, Part Deux

Are you all ready to hear me whine about the Man-Cub's last year in school? No? Too damn bad, because here we go.

Yesterday, I made my last trip to the High School to register a child of mine for classes. Now, technically, we had registered him way back in the Spring, when he chose the classes for his schedule, but, in addition to that exercise in frustration (it really was), we also have to complete registration on-line every June and then follow up with an in-person visit to the school to sign one last document and to pay fees.

Overkill much?


Anyway, as of yesterday, the Cub is officially a Senior, with a schedule and a locker and a parking permit and a ridiculously overdeveloped Senior Attitude.

And, as of yesterday, I am officially $160 more poor than I was the day before. On the bright side, won't have to write that check ever again. all know that I don't really see that as the bright side.

Beginning of the end, my people, beginning. Of. The. End.

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