Monday, October 08, 2018

Care Packages: The Halloween Edition

I sent the most recent care package to the Man-Cub on Friday, having completely forgotten that today would be Columbus Day, which would tack an extra day on to its delivery. Good thing I didn't guarantee delivery today; mama likes to keep her word.

Anyhoodle, since the Cub is living off campus this year, I included some inexpensive decorations in the package, to help him and his roommates get into the Halloween spirit. I also included some food,  because, starvation is currently the scariest thing facing the kids.

Naturally, the mental picture of starving college students brought to mind the image of zombies, which, are totally Halloween appropriate, so...

....a zombie themed Halloween box was born.

In the box:

Paper Bats

Halloween Door Cover

Zombie Crossing Sign

Bloody Keep Out Window Clings

Zombie Survival Guide

Zombie Blaster

Monster Mash Coffee Mug

Deadpool Lounging Pants

Pumpkin Carving Tools

LED Pumpkin Light

Edible Eyeballs and Boogers

Poppable Zits (Disgusting! The Cub's gonna love them!)

Not pictured:

Two boxes of Hamburger Helper

One box of Little Debbie Star Crunch Treats

One box of Little Debbie Brownies

One package of trail mix

Three All-fruit Snack Bars

Barring any other random federal holidays, the Cub should receive it tomorrow, assuming the USPS doesn't hold up delivery due to the suspicious nature of the packaging, which, included bloody handprints.

Hey, what do they expect? It's almost Halloween!

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