Friday, October 12, 2018

Oh, October, Why You Gotta Be Like That?


You are usually one of my favorite months of the year, like, we're talking top three, here. This year?'re testing my patience, October. Really testing my patience.

For one thing, the constant rain...what the hell is up with that? Last time I checked, August was monsoon season here in Petticoat Junction, not October.

I'm tired of steely gray skies, mud puddles, chilly drizzle, and damp umbrellas littering my car and office. And, on the topic of littering, my porch is the current dump site of all of the skeletons that need to be set up on the lawn for Halloween...

 Care to guess what the skeleton theme is for this year? Go ahead, guess.'s not the look I am striving for, and, the actual build that Hugh worked so hard on is slowly sinking into the moist, squishy ground (also, I hate the word moist; thank you  ever so much for forcing me to use it so much lately, October)...

I want to finish decorating for Halloween, October! Remember Halloween? It's your holiday; please do try showing up for it.

On the bright side, the craptastic weather makes for cozy evenings by the fire...

It also lends itself nicely to the burning of my favorite Halloween-scented candle, so, there's that at least.

Still, I'm ready for some typical October weather. I want to walk outside again. I want to enjoy my usual fall activities without having to layer a freaking parka over my adorable plaids and thermals.

Come on, October! Work with me here!

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