Saturday, October 27, 2018

Friday Favorites on a Saturday: A Year in Chalkboard Art Edition

I missed posting this yesterday because I was in an all-day training for Day Job. The training is the first step in preparing me to move into a trainer position that will take me across the state (there are only a handful of people doing the work I'm doing, and the goal is to train an entire statewide workforce within the next three years; this could be tons of fun, or, a giant pain in the ass. The jury is still out).

I figured "better late than never" however, so, today, I am sharing a year in the life of the chalkboard that I purchased at Neighbor Pam's barn sale the spring before last. I am honing my artistic skills on this chalkboard, which, isn't really saying much, but, I have enjoyed the challenge of capturing an artistic design for each season.

 Halloween, 2017

 Thanksgiving, 2017

 Christmas 2017

 Winter, 2018

 Spring, 2018

 Early Summer, 2018

 Late Summer, 2018

Halloween, 2018

And, that wraps it up. I'm currently scouring Pinterest for an appropriate design idea for this year's Thanksgiving board, but, so far, have come up short. The challenge with the board is that it is super long and narrow, so, landscape designs are kind of out of the question, which, means that I will probably land on the tallest, skinniest Thanksgiving turkey ever depicted. But, hey; at least I'm making good use of the chalkboard that Hugh swore I would never use.

As an aside, have you noticed that I appear to live to prove Hugh wrong? There's probably a therapy topic in there, somewhere.

As another aside, the string at the top of the board was meant to hold a piece of chalk, back when my original intent was to use the chalkboard to write my grocery list on. You know, before it occurred to me that, a grocery list on a giant-ass chalkboard wasn't exactly helpful when venturing to the store, unless I wanted to pack it on my back, which, totally brings to mind The Flintstones: I could channel Wilma, chiseling my list on a slab of granite and then hauling it to the Bedrock Piggly Wiggly...


Perhaps it is time to remove that useless piece of string.

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