Saturday, October 20, 2018

Sweet Tea Cottage

Yesterday, Kortni and I made the looong journey to my friend Pam's barn sale, and, I mean that figuratively rather than literally because Pam's "barn" is located literally a stone's throw from my house, but, since she only hosts a sale once or twice a year, it always seems like it takes forevvvvver to get to it.

It's always completely worth the wait, though.

 I am now on the hunt for old street signs with my maiden and married names for my own yard

I didn't buy anything this year; I already have three unfinished projects cluttering up the garage and I can't fathom adding to that chaos, but, I left the sale with tons of ideas for re-purposing items already in my house as well as a new determination to finish what I've already started. Pam is an inspiration to me and I never fail to leave her place with renewed intentions.

Today, Kortni and I are headed to our other favorite sale-Pickin' at the Pea; I never leave there without a million new ideas, either. I guess we'll see if I also manage to leave with an undamaged pocketbook.

Stay tuned!

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