Monday, October 22, 2018

Worth the Wait

In light of all my bitching about the crappy weather earlier this month, it behooves me to now rave about the perfect fall weather that we had over the weekend. Like, that's the Law of Nature, right? Bitch about something long enough and you have to spend equal time praising any improvement.

So, what a gorgeous weekend we had!

Not only did Hugh and I manage to nail down the final touches on our Halloween lawn display (pictures coming soon, I promise), but I got to spend two days in Kortni's company, hunting for antique bargains without freezing our asses off or blowing away in gusty winds.

Best of all, however, was the day that I spent with Queen B, visiting another local winery/orchard/pumpkin patch, taking pictures to use on her upcoming graduation announcements. Yes! Her college graduation announcements! How is that even possible, since, just yesterday I was dropping her off in her first dorm room?

Anyway...her pictures turned out great and we got to enjoy the sunshine, beautiful scenery, and a little shopping in the small store located at the winery (locally made balsamic vinegar and lemon basil pasta for the win!).

Later in the afternoon, we returned home, where we watched a series of really bad horror movies on Netflix, spent a couple of hours visiting with Jana, who had been in the neighborhood following an event at which she was serving snow cones from The Ice Box, dining on paninis made with our favorite Irish cheese, ham, tomatoes, and mustard (so, so good!), and clearing our pores with those peel-off charcoal masks that are all the rage right now.

It was a very nice way to spend a Sunday.

Plus, Queen B spent the night, so, I got to have one of my kiddos back under my roof, which, is always a bonus.

Today, I'm back to the grind, with a half-day leadership retreat at Day Job,  followed by a video conference call and God knows how many client crisis calls. Thank goodness for the weekend recharge; I'm going to need every bit of extra energy to get me through the week.

And, yes, Mother Nature, the weekend was totally worth the wait.

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  1. All the pictures are awesome. Wish I had all of them of my beautiful granddaughter.