Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Well, Look Who Finally Decided to Show Up

Helloooo, Gorgeous Fall Weather! Where you been keeping yourself? We've missed you!

The past two days have been sunny, crisp, and, dare I say,  pleasant. We've finally dried out and I have been able to get my Halloween display underway (pictures coming soon). I also managed to get in a quick photo shoot for a senior at Hooterville High, and I got everything out of the garden that needed to be harvested.

I'm feeling slightly less irritated with Mother Nature, for sure.

Hopefully, the weather will hold throughout the weekend, because I have plans with friends to attend the annual Fall Pickin' at the Pea antique sale on Saturday morning, as well as a Friday afternoon VIP sneak peek at my neighbor Pam's barn sale. These types of things are always so much more pleasant in nice weather.

For now, I'll just be grateful for what I've got. Again, thanks for showing up, Gorgeous!

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