Thursday, October 17, 2019

Another Event on the Porch That Hugh Said We Would Never Use

With the exception of a couple of days, this month has been unseasonably warm, with higher temperatures lasting well into the evenings. With that in mind, I hosted the first ever Halloween themed Porch Night, and, it was a total hit!

Mama Jill, Bethany, Anthony, one half of The Lesbians (Ex Co-Worker Kristi had to work), a couple of the Basketball Moms, New Co-Worker (I guess she's more semi-new at this point!), Queen B, and Katie all joined me on the porch for hot appetizers, a scary good cheese board, Bloody Sangria, and a hot chocolate bar, complete with three types of Baileys and two kinds of schnapps.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the most popular guest at the party- Baby Cooper, of course!

Unlike our photo session last week, he was alllll smiles last night; I think he digs Porch Night. I know I do, and, hosting during my favorite season of the year had been a dream of mine for years. I'm so glad I finally pulled it off!

And to think Hugh actually believed that we would never use a wraparound porch...

yep, never letting him live that down.

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