Friday, October 11, 2019

Friday Favorites,

Welcome to Day Two of my four-day weekend! I started the day off with a giant cup of coffee and a massage, and, if those two things aren't favorites, I don't know what is.

I had planned to drive to Mayberry after the massage, but, I got caught up in some things that needed to be done for the hardware store, and, by the time I was finished, I just didn't feel like making the three hour drive. So, instead, I puttered around the house, took Boomer to the park, and enjoyed the scent of one of my new, custom-made candles.

I chose Book Club, and, as I had hoped when I was mixing it; the scent evokes a feeling of relaxing in a comfortable club chair in a fine old library- think Scottish castle or English manor- with a good book, a glass of fine red wine, and a tray of the darkest, most decadent chocolate Bon Bons. All of which are favorites, come to think of it. Except for the castle or fancy manor; I wouldn't know about either of those, although, I'm totally up for trying either one...

Just sayin'.

As an aside, the plates that the candle is sitting on in the photo above are a new purchase, and, I love them.

After The Purge, I told myself that I wasn't going to buy any new holiday stuff; clearly, Myself needs to tell I that she is a lying, liar who lies.

In my defense, when Michaels is having a half-off sale on all their Halloween stuff, how could I possibly not purchase stone eyeballs to glue into gorgeous, albeit creepy flowers? Hmmm?

And, you know, if Michaels is having a sale, then Hobby Lobby can't be left out, so, it was only right to spend half the regular price there, in order to bring home this adorable witch's hat..

.....I mean, right?


Crap. Hugh may be right; I really do have a problem (please don't tell him I said that). On the bright side, another of today's favorites didn't cost a dime. I mean, not recently. It did cost more than a dime when I bought it while on one of my various thrifting trips, but, that was a while ago, so it doesn't really count. Right?


Anyhoodle, the artwork I did on my old chalkboard is a favorite...

And, my last favorites really didn't cost a dime...

...because they were all three rescued, and, were therefore, free.

(We will not discuss the care and feeding of above mentioned free pets)

And, that's it for today's favorites. Tomorrow, Boomer Dog and I are hitting the open road, destination: Mayberry! Y'all know going home is a favorite, right?


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