Wednesday, October 23, 2019

When is a Day at the Office Not REALLY a Day at the Office?

When you spend all of your time decorating for an event while ignoring all of your other duties, of course! And, given the stressful nature of my official duties lately, this little break couldn't have been timed better.

The event in question is one of four quarterly gatherings that we organize for clients; the goal being an increase in social connections and a strengthened sense of community. Earlier this year, we threw a picnic in a local park, this quarter, we are hosting a traditional Halloween party, complete with games, candy, and spooky decor. Care to guess which aspect of the party I was tasked with?

Yup, decor.

So, two coworkers and I spent the past two days shopping for, and decorating with, Halloween items. Since the party is being held in our office building, we had a lot of ground to cover, and not a lot of budget to work with, but, I think we managed quite well.

We even managed a great photo backdrop for our families...and for coworkers who feel like reliving the glory days of Glamour Shots...

The event this evening was very well attended, attracting more people than we had estimated. Luckily, the food committee made more than enough, including three huge pots of assorted chili and soup and enough mini cupcakes and cookies to go around.

By the end of the evening, the place resembled the aftermath of a frat party during pledge week, but, even cleaning up that kind of mess beats doing actual work work, so, there's that.

Of course, tomorrow, I'll be back to the regular not to dwell on that right now. Did I mention we threw a party?

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