Monday, October 06, 2008

A Crappy Weekend, As Predicted

The weatherman got the forecast right; it was a rainy, chilly and dismal weekend. On the bright side, I made a pot of French onion soup that was to die for, got up to season 3 on my Alias DVD’s-yes Alias, a show that went to Series Heaven like three years ago, what can I say; I always come late to the party (and, Dad, you were right waaayy back in 2004, I didn’t know what I was missing)-and I got caught up with the household laundry. So, it may not have been a pretty weekend but, it was productive.

It was productive for Hugh, too; he went hunting with his father and managed to fill his antelope tags-a buck and a doe, both of which have an appointment with the meat grinder later today then, according to Hugh, the buck’s heads will be stuffed and mounted-you know- just as soon as he can find the right taxidermist for the job (apparently, the rack on the thing is quite impressive, I have no idea-I took one look at the poor thing and threw up a little in my mouth).

According to me, when, and if, that happens, it will be hung at the hardware store because there is no way in hell we are hanging a carcass anywhere in my house, I don’t care if the rack on it lights up and dispenses Diet Pepsi like a drink fountain.

Also, his plans to preserve the head in my garage freezer until he can find the right taxidermist for the job? Yeah, Not gonna happen. I’m not bluffing when I say that; if I find the head in my freezer I will place it in the bed on Hugh’s side, just to send a message. Not bluffing, at all.

Ok, yes I am, a severed antelope head would totally ruin my sheets.

Can’t have that.


  1. I'm not sure I'd be a fan of having a head on my wall--I understand its cool, but its just not my thing...

  2. I am with you!! NO dead animals on the walls of MY house!! He would be pushing it to even hang it in the garage!!!!!..YUMMMM French Onion soup, last time I made that I had as much sherry to drink as went in the recipe!! IT WAS FUN!! I believe it was Christmas Eve and I was prepairing for MY family! LOL

  3. I never saw a single episode of Alias when it was on the air, but some friends of mine got the DVDs and we all got together week after week to watch them. Now I've seen every episode. Love the show.

    I want to be Sydney Bristow when I grow up.

    And that Michael Vaughn -- yummy!

  4. Can we have the recipe for French Onion soup?