Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The boys actually won their football game last night. By 13 points. It was a great night all around; the boys were pleased with their accomplishment, the coaches were beside themselves, and the weather was nice enough that the parents didn’t freeze to death on the sidelines.


The Man-Cub played especially well, running in all of our touchdowns. Of course, he could not have done it without the mad blocking skilz of Darren the Rooster or of one of the girls on his team who appeared out of nowhere every time the Man-Cub needed assistance. She also played a mean defense; grabbing flags like an addict goes for the pipe which, is probably not a great analogy what with our topic of conversation being kids’ sports and all but, still! She was on fire.

In fact, every one of the kids did an awesome job and every one of them seemed to be having the time of their lives which is what sports are supposed to do for kids at this age so, I’d say we are drawing the season to a close on a very positive note. Tomorrow, we play our last game and, with any luck, the kids will still be as excited about playing as they were last night.

Jana and I are excited about the fact that we are planning a tailgate party at the game, complete with hot cocoa laced liberally with peppermint schnapps and hotdogs cooked on the camp grill; clearly, our priorities differ somewhat from those of our offspring.

On a different topic, my friend, Erika, over at Mom of Two, is doing a really cool thing this month; she’s “pimping” blogs and, yesterday, she picked my blog for the honor. Not only is it a really cool idea-you might find a new favorite-but, it’s really fun to be able to say that I got pimped out and I didn’t even have to wear stilettos.

Plus, Erika is a good friend. She’s an awesome mom, a great wife and a very witty writer and I feel lucky to have her in my life. She’s one of those people who you “meet” on the internet and feel like you have known forever which, just goes to show that, people who are fated to know one another in this lifetime will find one another somehow, some way.

It’s like...kismet, baby.


  1. I read Erika's blog yesterday, congrats on being pimped.

  2. Yay for us! Cheers!

  3. Hope the man cub's team has a great last game!

  4. Yeah, another Erika fan!! I love her so much!