Thursday, October 09, 2008

Did I Just Breed Them To Be Aggressive?

Oiy. The Man-Cub’s football game last night was exciting.... in an oh-my-god-my-son-just-brutally-tackled-that-other-kid sort of way.

Yep, in flag football.

Now, maybe you don’t know flag football but, the point is…no one gets tackled in flag football; it just isn’t done.

Unless, apparently, you are the Man-Cub and/or his buddy Darren and you just happen to have two girls on your team who just happen to get purposely sucker-punched by the boys on the opposing team in which case; all bets are off and brutal tackling and/or cold-cocking becomes acceptable because it isn’t nice to hit girls.

Jana and I were torn between being completely mortified and vaguely pleased; who said chivalry was dead?

I can’t talk about this anymore so, here’s a picture of Hugh’s dead antelope; maybe I can blame him for passing along the aggressive gene, after all, he kills things.

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