Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Thank you, Thankyouverymuuuch!

When I asked the Man-Cub what he planned to be for Halloween this year, I was as surprised as anyone to hear him reply "I want to be the ghost of Elvis". But, you know, I like to encourage my kids' creativity so, there ya go.

No doubt, the real Elvis would be rolling in his grave, if you know, he were really dead and not living in hiding somewhere on the Vegas strip.

Or, if he hadn't been abducted by aliens or whatever the popular theory is these days.

For her part, The Girl picked out this costume.

I'm not entirely certain what she is supposed to be but it met both of our Specified Criteria for Acceptable Halloween Costumes:
Mine-it shows neither visible cleavage nor butt crack and, hers-it is green and kind of goth.

The Girl, being a Middle Schooler and all, is only slightly more interested in having double root canals performed without anesthesia than she is in having me anywhere near the school for today's festivities so; she's on her own.
The Man-Cub, on the other hand, still in that unblemished blush of love for his parents, has invited me to attend his classroom party. I am taking the Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein cookies that we baked and decorated together and am certain to have a good time.
Tonight, Chris, Jana and the kids are coming over to join us in the annual pilgrimage to beg candy from the neighbors followed by a bowl of hot chili and a marathon session of scary movies.
In preparation for the event, Hugh is taking the day off to decorate the front yard and porch for the Trick-or-Treaters. He has some new ideas and some creepy stuff up his sleeve and it should be another great year.

So, happy Trick-or-Treating!

Be safe out there.


  1. I love the Elvis ghost costume. :) The girl looks kinda like a pirate??

  2. I figure after two years of reading your blog, I am finally entitled to leave a comment.

    Love the Elvis!!!! Too funny! You guys seem so neat.

  3. Soooo cute! Great ideas!

  4. gohst of Elvis- AWESOME!