Friday, October 10, 2008


This has been a long week but, I’m proud to say that we got through yesterday without one single act of rebellion by the spawn; they were both on their best behavior and it reminded me of why I love them. Granted, today they could each do something that totally explains why some species eat their young but, we’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.

Looking on the positive side, thanks to The Girl's blatant use of the middle finger, I won’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to drive an hour and a half to a volleyball game. Instead, I can sleep in, linger over my morning coffee and take my time cleaning the house before Jana and the kids come over for movie night.

We decided on movie night because the weather is once again predicted to turn to shit and, rather than disappoint the kids, we are being proactive in our planning. While the kids watch movies, Jana and I are going to roast and puree six small pumpkins for pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins. It’s been a long time since I made anything with fresh pumpkin and just the thought of it makes my mouth water in anticipation.

If we get done with the puree, we will bake and freeze Halloween cookies for the boys’ classroom parties. If not, I’ll bake them myself on Sunday but; I’m really hoping for the company and, you know, one more responsible adult who can help clean up the aftermath without making a bigger mess than existed, originally.

I’m not quite sure what it says about me that I am willing to use my friend for her mad cleaning skilz but, there you have it.

On the other hand, I have agreed to do black and white portraits of her kids as a Christmas present for Jana’s mom so, skill utilization goes both ways.

Changing the subject completely; today is the last day of Spirit Week at the middle school and the kids were encouraged to dress like twins. The Girl and Kaz donned matching outfits and hairstyles and, while they were adorable, I cringed visibly when they suggested that we adopt Kaz so they can be sisters and I can, and I quote, "have two twelve-year-old daughters".

Because that wouldn’t make me reconsider eating my young at all.

I bet they would be delicious with homemade pumpkin butter.


  1. Homemade pumpkin desserts---yumm!

  2. That's funny my friend and I also say that our kids are lucky that we haven't eaten then yet.

  3. I'm planning on making a pie from pumpkin this year (as opposed to that canned crap), but how many pie pumpkins would it take to make two pies?

    Enjoy your movie night...and send me some pie.