Friday, October 24, 2008

Still Really Jonesing For a Donut

On the other hand, down another pound so, yay.

The children are out of school today for Parent-Teacher conferences. Hugh and I attended the early conferences on Wednesday and I’m happy to report that both kids are doing quite well in their classes. While The Girl did not manage to pull her PE grade up as high as I would like to see it, I’m pleased with her overall progress and, as I’ve said before, the battle for an A in PE is not going to be my personal Waterloo; we’ll save that for when she announces that she wants a tattoo or a nose piercing.

We are spending our "free day" in town, running errands, including a trip to the pediatrician to have The Girl’s migraine headaches diagnosed so that she may get a prescription for something to help with the pain.

I feel terrible about passing this genetic gem on to the child and hope that the doctor won’t say she is too young for meds. I was about her age when I started getting the headaches (yeah, puberty! Could you piss on us just a little bit more? Thanks!) and, at the time, there weren’t very many options for prescription pain relief. Medical technology has come a long way since then but I’m still worried that they won’t be able to suggest something safe and effective for a twelve-year old. We’ll see.

The rest of the weekend should be relaxing. I was invited to a scrapbooking party later this evening and am still debating whether or not I should go. On the one hand, I am really far behind on the kids’ scrapbooks and it would be a lot of fun to connect with other scrapbookers; on the other hand, I am lazy.

We’ll see how that goes, as well.

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