Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Daughter Drama

The Girl was suspended from the volleyball team today after an incident following yesterday’s game; apparently, as the bus was leaving the school, a group of boys from the opposing team’s town began shouting obscenities and saluting our team with their middle fingers. The Girl reciprocated the gesture and was unlucky enough to be caught by her coach who called it an act of unsportsmanlike behavior and a poor representation of our school.

The coach was right on both counts and, although The Girl wasn’t the instigator, she participated in the fray and I have no problem with the school’s decision to suspend her from the final tournament.

The Girl is quite upset about the whole thing, she realized immediately that what she had done was wrong and she is truly remorseful for her actions. She’s especially torn up about it because my parents were scheduled to make the trip over the mountain to watch her play and now she won’t be; she knows she has disappointed people and that is a hard lesson to learn in the seventh grade but, better now than when she is a senior in high school, I suppose.

And, it could be worse; she could have been suspended from school for drinking vodka on the school bus on the way to an eighth grade volleyball game.

Not that I know anyone that that ever happened to, you know, other than her Aunt Barbie.

Hey! Maybe the kid's rebellious streak is genetic.

Kill me. Kill me now.


  1. OH gosh!!!! NOW Aunt Barbie has to be the issue here!! lol... I know these pills are hard to swallow but you are right BETTER NOW then LATER!!!! On the good side...good for her for sticking up to those DUMB boys!!! geesh!!

  2. Oh, that is a tough lesson.

  3. Poor girl, I hate disappointing people, especially when it is for a bad decision like that. Good for you for supporting the schools decisions.