Thursday, October 02, 2008

Does This Parenting Thing Ever Get Any Easier?

We got a note from the Middle School band teacher, informing us that The Girl is becoming a bit of a problem in class; apparently she and Kaz can’t stop chatting each other up and are disrupting the general learning environment, could we please take steps to correct this situation?

Let me think, hmmm, middle school girls….chatting in class…how unusual.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning the behavior, in fact, The Girl got one righteous dressing down last night after I got the letter, but; you can’t really change the nature of a beast and girls are, by nature, chatty.

After our come to Jesus meeting, however, The Girl promised to do better. I promised to march my ass into that classroom to monitor her behavior if she doesn’t succeed in “doing better”, she burst into tears and accused me of trying to humiliate her which, kudos to her because I didn’t even know she knew the word much less the proper context in which to use it and, she stomped off to bed.

Status quo, maintained.

Some day, when she has an ungrateful, sassy daughter of her own (God willing), she is going to look back on this and realize that she was being a pill and that I was a perfect parent (ha!). She will then pick up the phone and call me to apologize for being such a beast to me way back in the seventh grade, she’ll applaud my handling of her and beg me to tell her how I got through it.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to call my Mommy.


  1. No, sorry dear it doesn't get easier!! But you handled it perfectly! and you are a GREAT parent! (by the way "chatty" pays off in the future) Where would I be without it! I was moved alllll over the class allll through school. Even chatted with the teacher when I was moved to face her desk!!! I have yet to meet a stranger :)

  2. LOL! Are girls do chat. Maybe there should be a section of the classroom for when girls need to chat so they do not disrupt the whole class?!?! Novel idea! Seriously though, you did handle that well.

  3. I have a chatty BOY. Sometimes when I pick him up from school I want to yell "for the love of all that is holy, please shut up!".

    So far every teacher he's had has reported that he talks too much. He's been moved next to the teacher's desk and he still talks. I don't understand it. He's 8 y/o, he doesn't have that much to say.

    Next time I'm going to threaten him with me going and sitting in his classroom. That will teach him.

  4. Why doesn't the teacher just separate them? That's what mine always did.

  5. Awesome! I had a sassy daughter day myself, and she's only three, may God help me. Your kid may be a little too chatty, but at least she's no longer hurling herself to the filthy Wal-Mart floor in a rage because you won't buy her a TWO Barbie princess toothbrushes. I mean, what do you DO? Wander off and pretend you don't know her? Stand there and reason fruitlessly? Break your cardinal parenting rules and use some sort of physical manhandling?