Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HalloWednesday: The Final Chapter

Halloween 2003, the Man-Cub suffered a freeze-tag accident that left him missing four top teeth, inspiring the entire family to dress up as, what else? Vampires. Hugh went all out this year, with make-up that was the envy of every student in The Girl’s second-grade class. He also did a mean job at the toilet-paper mummy contest, wrapping The Girl in like two minutes, flat.

Halloween 2004, the year of The Girl’s rebellion and the first time the phrase But I want to pick out my own Halloween costume! echoed throughout my house. I survived and the kids made a pretty good witch and knight in shining armor if I do say so, myself.

Halloween 2005, The Girl chose to be a medieval princess while the Man-Cub opted for Dash from the Incredibles. Hugh and I briefly toyed with the idea of the whole family going as the Incredibles but, spandex is a privilege, not a right and my thighs were in no shape to meet the challenge.
This was also the only year in the history of our very-Halloween celebrating marriage that our jack-o-lanterns were stolen and smashed by teen aged hooligans out for a good time. If you click on the photo, you can see the toothpicks and packing tape that Hugh used when he laboriously reconstructed those jack-o-lanterns following an extensive search for pumpkin debris along our roadway-he got every piece back, if you can believe it.

Halloween 2006, the year The Girl chose a costume that most closely resembled her personality at the time, aka: SATAN. Just kidding, she wasn't that bad. She was a cute little devil, too. The Man-Cub opted for the classic Jack Sparrow look and, since we had been to Disneyworld that summer and had found the requisite wig, he was all set.

Halloween 2007. Zorro and a pirate wench, both of which required swords which of course required a sword fight in the front yard which, if memory serves, then required three Band-Aids to stanch the blood and a bunch of Kleenex to dry the tears.

Good times.


  1. You're such a good Mom. You have pictures from all of the kids Halloweens. I have maybe 3 Halloween pictures (and that's a stretch).

  2. ME TOO>.. I always forget my dang camera!! Great picts Chelle!!!

  3. I love Halloween, it's my favorite holiday... You're kids are just sooo cute too!

  4. Love the pics!! You have 2 lucky kids!