Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good Thing They Don’t Have Truancy Officers for Adults

Hugh and I played hooky from work today. We took the Sea Chelle to the neighboring town to get her winterized before putting her in storage for the season. While the boat was being worked on we did a little Christmas shopping and went out to lunch. Just the two of us. At an actual restaurant. With like, cloth napkins and china plates and everything.

It was lovely.

This evening, we are hosting our annual pumpkin carving party. There won't be any cloth napkins or china plates, I can assure you. But,the kids are stoked anyway.

Speaking of parties, our tailgate party at last night’s football game was a total blast. Chris cooked hotdogs and brats and I supplied huge pump-pots of hot cocoa. Some of the other parents looked at us as though we had just sprouted additional heads or something (maybe they had never heard of tailgating at a pee-wee football game) but, once they had a hot wiener in hand, they changed their tunes real fast.

Heh, hot wiener.

I am like, sooo twelve years old at heart. Funny, though; I don’t remember ditching at twelve.

I swear, Dad.

Anywaaayy...the game was close, we only lost by one touchdown and the Man-Cub was named the saeson's MVP by the coaches. He got a medal and everything.

And I'm sure the fact that we gave each of the coaches a smokin' hot wiener had nothing whatsoever to do with them picking him for the honor.

See? Twelve.

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  1. Go Man-Cub! I could go for a smokin' hot weiner. *snicker*