Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Hello, December

I just looked back at November's goals and realized that I have failed miserably at achieving most of them. Actually, the only things I did manage were the Christmas present shopping and the hosting of Thanksgiving dinner. I partially succeeded at eliminating Diet Pepsi and sugar from my diet, but only for three-out-of-four weeks of the month; I fell off the wagon during Thanksgiving.

Not good.

As for exercise, massages, and a facial? Ha,ha,ha,ha!


Let's try this again, shall we?

-  Complete my Christmas shopping, including wrapping and shipping out-of-town gifts.

-  Address and mail Christmas cards.

-  Host the Booster Club Christmas party.

-  Eliminate Diet Pepsi, like, for real.

-  Seriously reduce the amount of sugar in my diet (Hey, it's Christmas! Why set myself up for total failure?).

-  Bake Christmas cookies (You see my dilemma?).

-  Spend a relaxing holiday with my family.

-  Finish getting the first eleven months of the year onto the computer at the hardware store (I am already halfway there, which is about 100% farther along than I was this time last year).

I realize that this is a pretty Christmas-heavy list, but, it is December, after all.

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