Saturday, December 05, 2015


We are on the final day of a three-day basketball tournament. The Man-Cub, who you may remember was pulled up to play Varsity, has gotten playing time in each of the first two games.

Last night, he scored five points for the team, including a three-pointer so pretty, it brought tears to the eye. Well, to my eye, anyway.

He also got a technical foul for muttering under his breath about the referee possibly needing new glasses. The ref, whose hearing was clearly better than his eyesight, was not impressed.

While there is no defense for the Cub's statement, he really was innocent of the foul that the ref called on him. In fact, he was the one who took an elbow to the chest, but, that's the way the ball rolls, sometimes.

Anyway, I'm super proud of the Cub and excited to watch him play again, later today.

If he isn't benched as punishment for the technical, that is.


On a side note, after his three-pointer, the mother of his current crush leaned over to say that he might want to hold back a little if he still intends to play for the JV, the coach just might decide to make him a Varsity player, exclusively. We both agreed that the Cub would be devastated if that happened, he really enjoys the JV team and would be bummed to miss out on playing with them.

Of course, two seconds later, both teams were lined up behind the midcourt line while the other team took their technical shots, so, probably no need to worry about the Cub's standing anytime soon.



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