Sunday, February 15, 2015

And Donuts on Sunday

When my sisters and I were young, donuts were a treat saved for Sunday mornings after church. Sometimes, we stayed after mass to share the sweets with our fellow parishoners, and, sometimes, my mom would make us our very own donuts once we were home.

Her donuts were simple to make, but, they required refrigerated biscuit dough that was, in her budget-conscious  mind, more of an occasional splurge than a kitchen staple. The scarcity of those donuts made them all the more special when we did get them.

Lately, I've been craving those donuts, and, with refrigerated biscuit dough being more inexpensive these days (I have no idea why, I don't understand economics), I figured I would make them for Hugh and the Man-Cub, who, it should be noted,were thrilled to have them because, apparently, "cheaper" does not equate into "makes more frequent appearances" in my household; I have not made the donuts since the kids were in elementary school, I...have no excuse save for laziness.

Oh, and grease! Remember my reluctance to cook on the stovetop with grease, thanks to the PTSD caused by the grease fires of my childhood? Yes, let's blame it on the PTSD.


Anyhoodle, here are the step-by-step directions for homemade fried donuts, may they remind you of your own childhood.

Your ingredients: vegetable oil, refrigerated biscuits, granulated sugar (you could also use confectioners sugar, depending on what texture you prefer for the coating of your donut). In a nod to my mother's frugal spirit, I am using store brand oil and biscuits. Also, because I am my mother.

Using a donut hole cutter (if you have a combination biscuit/donut cutter, this is the center part. Mine twists out to become a separate cutter, yours might, too), remove centers from biscuits. Reserve for donut holes.

In a skillet, heat oil until hot. If the oil smokes, you have gone too far, turn down the heat and allow the oil to cool a tad (If, at that point, you suffer a PTSD related flashback to kitchen fires of yore, turn the heat off completely, step away from the stove, and place your head between your knees. Breathe deeply until the terror fades. Go buy a box of Krispie Kremes at the local convenience store, your family will probably forgive you).

Drop donuts into hot oil and fry each side to golden brown.

Remove donuts from oil and drain on paper towel until cool enough to handle. Dredge donuts in granulated sugar to coat (no picture of that part because this is not a food blog. And, because I suck) and enjoy while donuts are still warm.

How good are they? Good enough to get a teenaged boy out of bed before ten o'clock in the morning on a weekend. That's pretty high praise, right there.

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