Monday, February 02, 2015

Damn You, Punxsutawney Phil

Six more weeks of winter, really? I would complain more vocally, but, honestly, we haven't really had a very hard winter to date. Indeed, the sun has been shining the majority of the day, the temperatures are bearable, and, the last snowstorm we got was right after Christmas. It really has been quite mild.

Also, according to what I read on the internet (and, the internet never lies, right?), the groundhog has been predicting the duration of winter for, like, 137 years, and, in all that time, has only predicted an early spring on 17 occasions. I hardly think the six extra weeks of winter comes as a surprise.

Although, if that extra six weeks extends into March and fucks up my flights to Paris, I am going to hunt that rodent down and make myself a nice warm fur muff.

That sounded dirty. Sorry, mom.

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