Saturday, February 14, 2015

Whatcha Been Up To, Chelle? Thanks For Asking...

Recently, I have been expounding the many virtues of an early spring and, yesterday, I did a few things that I generally save for far later in the season; I washed my car and I cleaned out and organized closets.

What? That's not how you typically celebrate spring?

Well, the car washing was absolutely necessary-my car was filthy. And, while I realize that washing one's car is often viewed as an f-you to mother nature, thus inviting either a rainstorm or blizzard soon after; I really felt the need to take the risk.

Cleaning out the closets-well, ok, one closet (it's big!), was also absolutely necessary as it is the closet in which I store all of my household cleaning and paper supplies and I am planning a Sam's Club trip today; I wanted to be able to come home and have space ready for my purchases.

So, springtime is not only for lovers (as an aside, happy Valentine's Day!), but, also for neat-freaks and lazy assholes who have allowed their cars and closets to accumulate dirt, grime, and clutter since early autumn (Guess which one I am).

In addition to my household chores, I also found the time to take Guinness to the vet-he was still having the occasional bout of liquid poo and I was becoming concerned. The vet did a pretty thorough examination (Poor Guinness. Poor Guinness's bum) and was fairly certain that antibiotics will get things readjusted accordingly. So, for the next five days, I get to hold down seven pounds of furbaby for a daily torture session that involves me squirting a foul-tasting fluid down his throat.

That sounded dirty. Sorry, Mom.

Speaking of my mom; in an effort to make her first Valentine's Day without Dad as pleasant as possible, Hugh and I sent a floral arrangement to the house. Then, in the perfect example of how great minds think alike, The Girls arranged to have a bouquet delivered as well. So, Mom was duly celebrated on this day. Also, I could not love my girlfriends more and I think it's evident why not.

And, how are the rest of us celebrating the holiday? Well, Hugh is officiating at the district wrestling tournament, so, it's safe to say that he will be celebrating by rolling around on a sweaty wrestling mat. The Man-Cub and I, on the other hand, are driving to Neighboring City to meet The Teenager, who drove down to spend some quality time with Not The Boyfriend (status update: he IS The Boyfriend, currently).

We are planning to do some shopping, grab a nice bite to eat, and to attack Sam's Club for the items that will now fit neatly into an organized space in my closet.

Did I mention I cleaned out a closet yesterday?

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