Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This Post Is For the Birds

The eighteen inches of snow that we got on Sunday night has started to melt and the birds have returned to my feeders. Earlier this evening, I looked out the window and was surprised to see more colorful birds than I usually serve at the birdseed buffet; I have no idea what they are, but, they are very pretty.

We had several bags of seed that the mice had gotten into in the storage building behind the store, and, since we couldn't sell them, Hugh brought them home. The seed mix is different from what I usually use-more black sunflower seeds-and I am thinking that must be what attracted the new birds.

The activity at the feeders has attracted the attention of another gorgeous creature...

...who, by the way, is feeling much better following his trip to the vet, thankyouverymuch. He has been stealthily stalking the windowsill with the grace and balance of a ninja for the past half-hour, just hoping for the inevitable moment when that invisible barrier between him and his prey magically disappears.

I mean, that has to happen eventually, right?

Bless his simple little heart.

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  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Those are male House Finches. We get gobs of them on our own version of "Cat TV" Definitely a bright spot in the gloom of late winter.