Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Table For Twenty

Lessons learned at this evening's team dinner:

1.  Ten pounds of taco meat will juuuust barely stretch far enough to feed twenty teenaged boys.

2.  The last minute decision to include flour tortillas, beans and melted cheese on the menu will prove fortuitous when one realizes that a quarter of the team is Catholic. Hello, Ash Wednesday.

3.  In the case that beans and cheese are on the menu, plan to serve no less than three cans worth. This will adequately provide enough bean and cheese burritos to satisfy the non-meat eaters.

4.  Expect a spirited game of Modern Warfare to break out on the Xbox.

5.  An assorted package of Kool-Aid singles and bottles of water are a surprisingly big hit despite the fact that the boys claim to have stopped drinking Kool-Aid in the fourth grade.

6.  Boys are surprisingly tidy. And helpful. Who knew?

7.  A glass of wine is the best reward for a job well done. It is best to wait until the boys go home to enjoy it, however.

So, another team dinner in the record books. The boys have two more regular season games and very little hope for advancement in the district tournament (I'm not being pessimistic, just realistic). They do, however, start baseball practice on Monday.

Not even kidding.

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