Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Blame the Car Wash

The weather here in Petticoat Junction took a turn for the worse yesterday; temperatures dropped, the wind picked up, and, as I was driving home, there was just enough rain spitting from the sky to cause water spots on my pristinely washed car. Those of you who may have read about me washing the car and immediately predicted that I had cursed myself were absolutely correct. On the other hand, we didn't get any accumulation of snow, unlike those poor people in Boston who are coming up on one hundred inches for the season, so far.

That's a lot of snow.

While nowhere near a hundred inches, The Teenager did experience her own share of snow on her drive back to school, yesterday, thanks to a blizzard that blew through the mountains. The trip, which usually takes about six hours, took over nine and part of that was spent sitting in gridlock on the interstate due to accidents caused by idiots driving too fast for conditions. I'm just so relieved and grateful that she made it safely.

On the topic of The Teenager, her nineteenth birthday is less than a week away. This will be the first birthday that I have missed and I am sad. On the positive side, Hugh will see her in Denver over the upcoming weekend, thanks to the state wrestling tournament, and he is going to deliver a half dozen red velvet cupcakes to her for me, so, at least I'll know that she is getting her annual birthday sugar fix.

And, speaking of sugar, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which means the beginning of Lent. I have struggled with what to give up this year but have settled on giving up sweets, again. This is still a hard thing for me, I don't know why sugar has such a hold on me. Unfortunately, this will limit the treats that I can indulge in while in Paris next month. I hope God will forgive me one (or, two) small lapse(s).

In news unrelated to anything else in this post, tomorrow night I am hosting the boys' basketball team dinner. I am expecting twenty or so boys for a taco bar. I'm basically prepared for the onslaught, but, am wondering if I should be concerned about being...unconcerned. Probably. But, oh well.

It's tacos. What could go wrong?

(If you just predicted that a horrible taco-related fiasco shall befall me, we can no longer be friends.)

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