Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Yes, I DO Realize That I Said I Wasn't Going To Do This

A while back, I wrote a post about opting out of holiday events that stressed me out, or, in which I could see no value; one of the items on that list was the annual door decorating contest at Day Job.

Today, I caved; I decorated not only my door, but the interior of my office as well. In my defense, I went with a design that was neither time consuming, nor expensive, and that allowed me to indulge my slightly morbid sense of humor.

The door was a tribute to my supervisor, who, actually gets a little weak in the knees over Buddy the Elf.

Now, when the door is open, he is directly in her line of sight; it's my Christmas gift to her.

As for the room décor, well, let's just say that while I won't be winning any awards, the amusement that I get each time I step over that chalk outline will fill me with Christmas joy, which, is my gift to myself.

Hey, I said my humor was slightly morbid.

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