Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ah-Maaazinnnggg Glaze, How Sweet It Is

Today, Queen B and I went to Amazing Glaze, the ceramic painting studio in Hooterville; we hadn't had a chance to spend any quality time alone together recently, so today was our day.

For our projects, Queen B chose a water dish for her cat, Nemo, and I chose a plate with an underwater theme, which I intend to use at the luau that Hugh and I are throwing later this summer for the Cub and his friends.

The ceramic studio has recently set up a painting station on their back patio and, even though it was warm out today, Queen B and I elected to sit out there to work on our projects. It was a good choice, there was enough of a breeze to keep us from sweltering, and, with the water fountain bubbling away and the birds singing in the nearby trees, it was both relaxing and calm.

We painted for about three and a half hours, and, our finished pieces will be fired and ready for pick-up next Friday. I'm excited to see how they look when they are done, and I'm glad that I got to spend the day with my baby girl.

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