Monday, June 19, 2017

How I Spent My Weekend

This weekend marked the first weekend of the summer here at Casa de Chelle, and, it's starting to feel a little more like normal. Granted, not having a garden to tend is weird, but, I made up for the lack of garden therapy by finally tackling the mess that my scrapbooking room had become.

The space started out looking like this Saturday morning...

...cluttered with the detritus of every craft that I made the last three months of the Man-Cub's senior year as well as pretty much everything else that had made it into the house and not been relegated to a dedicated space. In short; it was a wreck.

I popped Beauty and the Beast into the DVD player and I went to town,  organizing, cleaning, and generally thinning the herd, so to speak. The final product is a room in which I can feel comfortable creating again. Heck, who knows, I may even get in there and finally catch up on the kids' scrapbooks, as was the original purpose of the room.

Don't laugh; it could happen.

Once the room was finished, I spent the remainder of the day cleaning the house, which, was no small feat, considering that it hadn't been done appropriately since well before graduation.

Sunday morning, I got up early, which finally gave me an opportunity to enjoy some time on the porch with a cup of coffee. The weather was beautiful and I passed the time watching the lone hummingbird that has been visiting the feeders this year (Where have all the hummers gone? Inquiring minds want to know) and capturing nature in all her glory, including the magic of an intricate spiderweb and the bees buzzing my rose bushes.

It was very relaxing.

And, lest you think that I am avoiding the subject of it being Father's Day (which, I probably am because I still find it difficult to comprehend that Father's Days still happens without Dad here, despite all the happy Facebook posts and Instagram messages to the contrary), I did celebrate Hugh with a card and gift and the opportunity to do what he likes best...grilling.

He made a most delicious meal, and, hopefully, enjoyed himself while doing it.

Today, it's back to the coal mines for another week of drudgery, because, it may be summer, but, here in the adult world, we gots to make the money to pay the bills.

Anyone else miss the lazy days of being a kid?

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