Friday, June 09, 2017

Friday Favorites: Hawaii Edition

Oh, man! So many things to share, where do I begin? We made it home last night, or, actually, early this morning, after two flights and a five hour drive back from Salt Lake City. I'll be writing about the journey later in the week, but, for today, I'm going to share some of my favorite small finds on the island-things that we enjoyed along the way to the bigger adventures. I'm doing that because I don't want to forget a thing about the trip, it really was one for the memory books!

So, here we go!

These glass floats were available in shops all over the island. Historically, they were used to buoy fishing nets, now, they can sometimes be found floating in the ocean or washed up on shore. The glass floats contributed mightily to the amount of sea glass in the ocean, as well. The floats in the shops were largely reproduction, but, I did see several genuine antique floats in a small boutique in Waikiki.

Speaking of antiques, the collection of retro Hawaiian kitsch at Cheeseburger in Waikiki was impressive, to say the least; they even had a ginormous Big Boy, which, tickled my mom.

The cheeseburgers at Cheeseburger in Waikiki were also a favorite this trip; they were, true to the menu description,  fresh, juicy, five-napkin cheeseburgers.

On the topic of food, this margherita pizza, from Round Table Pizza at the resort, was possibly the best pizza that I have ever eaten in my life. We got a medium, along with two other varieties, and, I ate almost the entire margherita by myself. In one sitting. It was that good. Also, I may be a glutton. Hey! I was on vacation!

Of course, the fact that I was eating that pizza on the balcony of one of the nicest resorts on Oahu didn't hurt. Actually, I spent a lot of time on that balcony, in the morning, when drinking my coffee, in the afternoon, when I enjoyed a glass of wine and whatever fresh fruit we picked up in the market, and, at night, with the trade winds creating a gentle breeze and the muted sounds of the nightly luau held across the courtyard.

The resort, while expensive, was the perfect place for this vacation. It met our needs as a large party, and it allowed us each enough privacy to not feel crowded. It also afforded us the opportunity to rent equipment for whatever we wanted to do, like, surfing for the Man-Cub...

...and umbrellas and lounge chairs for mom and me (Hugh, the Cub, and the girls spent the vast majority of our beach time in the water, snorkeling the reef that encircles one side of the resort).

The resort was also the perfect place to get our glamour on, Mom being the most glamorous of any of us...

...that picture really required a black and white edit; it was just too retro to resist.

We were also able to pick up the richest, creamiest, largest ice cream cone that I have had in a while, just steps from our suite. Thank goodness we walked and swam and generally got so much exercise, otherwise I would have gained a ton while on vacation.

One last favorite before I go; while visiting the Dole Plantation, Mom, the girls, and I each purchased an oyster, hoping for a good pearl. We were not disappointed! The girls each got twin pearls in a creamy peach color, Mom got a large white one, and I got a rare (according to the pearl lady) black pearl. We had them set in rings as a reminder of our vacation.

And, that's about enough for today. Tomorrow, I'll start the day-by-day posts; consider yourself warned.

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