Friday, March 09, 2018

Friday Favorites: Spring Is Right Around the Corner Edition

This month's Fun Club activity at Day Job required each employee to choose a day on which to share some kind of food related to their heritage. Since I now know that I am Scottish/Irish, I chose to share Irish Soda Bread, mostly because I love it, but, also because I have no earthly clue how to prepare Scottish haggis (nor, if a quick Google search is correct, would I want to).

Seriously, what the hell is this?

The bread was a big hit (recipe coming soon), as was the Irish butter that I included alongside it.

Surprisingly, none of my co-workers had ever had the bread or the butter. In fact, they were shocked to hear that Irish butter even existed, so, I am super popular right now.

In a totally different vein (or, vain, as it involves navel-gazing at my own face), recently, I have been seeing my Facebook friends posting profile pictures that had been run through a magazine cover app, so, of course I had to try it.

And, try it,

and, try it.

Apparently, the Facebook magazine app is convinced that I need to wear purple eye shadow. Well, purple is a spring color, I guess.

Speaking of color, yesterday, I got my hair done, and, my colorist asked me to let her try a new technique, and, she's the expert, so I was like, sure, why not? And, now my hair is a slight bit darker with blond that is somewhat tonally different, and, I like it. I'm not sure I'll love it as the gray roots grow in, but, the color expert and I will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Tonight, I have a date at the pallet-painting studio with BCPE; we are joining a larger group of women to paint giant Easter bunnies. And, to drink wine. As one does when painting giant Easter bunnies.

And, that's about it for today's favorites.

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