Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Plague is Upon Us

At different points in time yesterday, I was FaceTimed by both Mikey and Queen B's boyfriend; each worried about the high fever that the Queen was running and seeking advice.

Mikey FaceTimed from the pharmacy, where he was picking up Tylenol, Motrin, and Vitamin Water for the Queen, and, her boyfriend FaceTimed from her living room, where she was camped out on the couch, shivering and sweating away.

I'm fairly convinced that she is simply fighting off a virus, but, I'm really happy to know that she has a full staff to administer to her every need, including Katie, who, if you'll recall, is going to school to become a nurse.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Hugh was feeling equally crappy. He was also slightly feverish (no where near what Queen B was experiencing), stuffed up and achy, which, really messed with his sleep, last night.

Thankfully, he did me a solid and retired to the couch in the living room so that I wouldn't be bothered by his constant tossing, turning, nose-honking, and moaning. I appreciated the thought, because (knock on wood), I am feeling fine and, I really would prefer to keep it that way.

Hopefully, both Hugh and the Queen will get to feeling better really soon. In the meantime, thank goodness for modern pharmaceuticals, good friends, and earplugs (the latter of which I may need tonight, if Hugh's honking continues).

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