Friday, March 02, 2018

Spring Bucket List

Ok, I'm a day late in posting this. Perhaps punctuality should feature somewhere in this season's goals.

Or, not.

1.  Join, and regularly participate in, a yoga group. My personal trainer highly, highly recommended that I work on my flexibility; not because I'm not flexible (I am actually pretty damn bendy), but, because more regular stretching, with static hold of each stretch, will help to reduce the issues I am having in my piriformis and sciatic area. Coincidentally, my supervisor at work recently completed her certification and is starting a group, so, I signed up. We start Tuesday.

2.  Pull my shit together at Day Job. Recent changes in the certification process for one of my major duties are kicking my ass in a big way. I am juggling three different staffs in three far-flung communities and trying to keep up with the requirements for each. I haven't let anything slip yet, but, I need to revisit my organizational process and make some adjustments. It'll be the work version of spring cleaning.

3.  Speaking of spring cleaning, I really need to make this a priority at home. I have closets and attics to clean out and organize and I really, really need to have that yard sale that I am always threatening to have.

4.  Get dirty! I didn't plant a garden last year, but, I think I am ready to tackle that chore again. I'm not planning to grow quite as many vegetables as I have, historically. Instead, I am going to use half of my garden space for a flower cutting garden. I also need to address my flower beds and tend to my rose bushes so that they will bloom beautifully again this summer.

5.  Pantry purge! With the Man-Cub out of the house, I find myself spending far less on groceries (teenage boys eat a ton, who knew!?). As a result, I am slowly, slowly weeding my way through both my kitchen pantry and the larger pantry closet in my mudroom. Yesterday, while digging around for a can of sauerkraut, I discovered a bulging can of mandarin oranges that had to have been abandoned many, many moons ago. So, clearly it is time to use what's good and jettison whatever is most likely to kill us. This will no doubt result in a slew of unique and interesting "recipes". Perhaps I will post a few.

6.  Clean off the porch and start hosting Porch Nights!!! This will obviously require the cooperation of Mother Nature, but, I have my fingers crossed for a mild spring.

7.  Friend Time. I have really missed my Booster Moms. But, now that sports are almost over (I will be attending a few baseball games with Mama Jill), we can make plans to get together, again. One thing that we definitely need to do is to recreate the spa night that I hosted last year. Then, there will be those Porch Nights, as mentioned above. And! God willing, a quick trip to Phoenix with The Girls for a little retail therapy (Mama needs a new (deeply discounted) Coach bag!). I also really need to plan a couple of weekends in Mayberry; I haven't seen Mom nearly enough, lately.

And, that's about it for this season. It's a pretty simple list, how hard can it be to accomplish it? Wait; don't I say that every season?

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