Wednesday, March 28, 2018

There Is No Reasoning With a Hot Flash

Anyone here, tired of hearing about my perimenopausal symptoms, raise their hand! You? And, you? Yeah, me too! But, here I go, again!

Y'all? I am not sleeping worth a shit. Hot flashes wake me every night at 1:00ish, 3:00ish, and again shortly before my 5:00 alarm sounds. Now, heat doesn't bother me; I actually prefer being hot to cold. But, guess what happens when you get a hot flash? You glow (or, you sweat, depending on how you roll; I glow). Know what happens once the hot flash fades? That glow cools and, if you are me, you are left freezing in its' wake. It's the constant swing between the two-hot and cold- that is keeping me awake, more so than the hot flashes, themselves.

I also struggle to fall back asleep following each episode, which is the real issue. This screenshot of my Fitbit sleep tracker spells it out quite clearly:

I am exhausted!

I am sweaty glow!

I shiver!

I am a glowing, shivering, exhausted mess!

I've said it before and I'll say it again; perimenopause ain't for pussies (pardon the pun)!

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