Saturday, March 10, 2018

March Care Package

I recently sent the Man-Cub a St. Paddy's Day themed care package; he got it yesterday and used our family group text message thread to thank us for the gifts. Queen B and Hugh immediately took the credit for the package, to which I replied with allll the eye roll emojis in existence. Hey, I didn't see either of them carefully folding american currency into a fancy clover leaf.

Anyhoodle, here are the contents of the box, in case you, too, would like to put together a package for a loved one, only to have your other loved ones take the credit for your effort.

- Shells and Cheese and Noodle Bowls (rapidly becoming staples in the world of care packages)
- Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal (still a Cub favorite, after all these years)
- Limited edition Little Debbie snack cakes (is there an occasion Little Debbie won't create a flavor for? I think not)
- Skittles
- Sour Air Heads
- Pot o' gold (otherwise known as Rollos)
- Stance socks (the Cub has indicated that he is all set on socks. Clearly, I disagree)
- St. Paddy's pins (the Cub is color blind, this way, he is guaranteed not to get pinched on the 17th)
- Gold mini Oreos (These looked amazing on Pinterest; in real life? Pinterest FAIL!)
- Two boxes of Thin Mints (Nothing says spring like Girl Scout Cookies!)
- The above-mentioned $24 currency clover (This one was a Pinterest WIN!)
- Not pictured: banana chips, lovingly prepared by Hugh

I am currently working on the Cub's April care package, which, will, surely, have an Easter theme (I mean, right? That would make sense. Maybeeee). I'll be sending it before the end of March because I want him to have it before the 1st, which is both Easter and April Fool's Day.

Really, this could go either way, in which case, the other two members of family will either claim credit or get stuck with the blame.


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