Thursday, March 08, 2018

Offering Proof of Life

The Man-Cub continues to rock the island of Oahu, and, like the good son he is, he continues to share his adventures with us via social media platforms. His most used method of documenting said adventures is his Instagram account, where he posts the most gorgeous photos of lush landscapes, flowing waterfalls, and native plant life, taken while on hikes, surfing excursions, rock-climbing trips, and general site-seeing drives with friends.

He also checks in with me via Snapchat, and I have the screenshots to keep me company when I am missing his face.

He also occasionally shoots me a photo via text message...

...and he calls and emails on occasion, all of which I appreciate very, very much.

I am living vicariously through his experiences and it's quite a thrill. Which, probably indicates that I need to get out more.

Just sayin'.

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